Ansible Tower - SCM Project Integration and Synchronization

So the question was raised today during an Ansible Tower discussion as part of the DO447 course as to what happens in the background for Ansible Tower projects when it is synchronizing to a version control system.

Specifically, the root and context of the question is ...

What happens when you are running a job template that has a project which is linked to a version control system and the project/job template is set to update the project from git prior to running and you decide to kick off another job before the first job template completes its task?

Multiple Scenarios

  • Enable Concurrent Jobs = Disabled  => (New job won't run, therefore, no conflicts as the repository won't synchronize until current job finished).
  • Enable Concurrent Jobs = Enabled  and Project Cache Timeout is 300 seconds => (New job runs, but project isn't updated from SCM control source as it is using CACHE TIMEOUT and the content is less than 5 minutes old assuming job can finish in 5 minutes).
  • Enable Concurrent Jobs = Enabled   and Project Cache Timeout is 0 (meaning it will always refresh and synchronize) => This would cause the new job to run and project to synchronize, but what happens to the running job template especially since the back end playbooks and content for the project has now changed?

So I've been able to address and simulate/explain all pieces, but I'm not sure I've ever encountered the 3rd scenario in RED. If you have the behavior and what happens, it would be great to have the definitive answer with a reference and an example.




Travis Michette, RHCA XIII
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