Automate Ansible Tower installation on AWS using Terraform(Infrastructure as a code)


Hope you are doing well.
I would like to share terraform code to automate Ansible Tower installation on AWS.
Terraform code will automate the below things:
1. It will create ssh key pair on AWS using our custom public ssh-key.
2. It will create a security group and will allow all the required ports(for Ansible Tower).
3. It will check the AMI image as per our requirement and will create an EC2 instance.
4. While creating an EC2 instance, it will attach custom created security group and ssh key pair to the instance.
5. Once the instance will be prepared, it will start Ansible Tower installation on the same instance.
6. Once the process will be done, hit the instance public IP address and access your Ansible Tower.
Click here to access the terraform code. I have mentioned all the steps to execute terraform code in the "README" file. 
"Check it .. Clone it .. Use it".
Any suggestions are most welcome.
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Thanks  @nikhjain ! Great work !

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