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EX294V84K Exam Info


I have registered for RHCE EX294 V8.4. I just wanted to make sure some of the pre-tasks that needs to be prepared prior to attempting the actual questions. It's been my bad experience from my previous exams that there are lot of surprises such as, pre-requisites needs to be confiured, information is not provided to setup the workstation/server environment, out of syllabus exam topics but carried over from previous version or they expect candidate to know the pre-requisites etc. I have wasted lo of time for various such scenarios.

This time, I want to prepare if any such pre-requisites are needed? I assume, installation of Ansible, pythin and repository setup, are most likely needed but do I need to download RHEL8, setup static IPs on the workstations, adding hard disks to nodes etc are needed prior to starting the exam questions?

Apprecaite if anyone has information and recently taken exam. I'm looking for skeleton of the exam. 


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

The RHCE seems to be a mess. The training material is three years out of date, nobody seems to know whats on the exam versions. I have been trying to just schedule it for two weeks and the system keeps rejecting my order so I can't even schedule it.

I guess this is how Red Hat is going to be after the IBM aquisition. 

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