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EX407 Redhat Learning Sub

Hi All


I am currently a RHCE on RHEL7, and just purchased my learning subscription a few weeks ago to complete my RHCA.

One of the exams I have chosen is EX407, but when I choose to start the DO407 traning, I get the below warning:

Automation with Ansible (DO407) was designed for Linux system administrators and developers who need to automate provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration. All the material covered in the DO407 course has been integrated into the Red Hat Certified Engineer certification track, and is now offered as Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294). That course is offered on a newer version of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and includes other improvements to the course. We strongly recommend that you shift to taking RH294 for a better learning experience.


Does this mean I need to use the RH294 traning for the EX407 exam?

Quite confused with this.

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Hi @Robvd46 ,

That means you will get a better learning experience with RH294 instead of DO407.

I would not say DO407 is "deprecated" because it does still teach your relevant skills about Ansible, but RH294 is improved (newer, more topics like system administration using Ansible...).

FYI, I done both DO407 and RH294 and passed both certifications exams (EX407 and EX294).

Also, RH294 is RHEL8 based.

Having said that, since it' seems that EX407 is part of your RHCA strategy, and you need some sort of +1 exam counting toward your RHCA, nothing prevent you from doing EX407, if it is still available.

More over, you can look at  Red Hat Certified Engineer Specialist in Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices exam (EX447): 

It's also based on RHEL8, I haven't done the course myself, I heard it's good to teach you some best practices, and it uses Ansible Tower also.

Enjoy your learning!


Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Thank you for the reply! I will do the RH294 training but write the EX407V27 exam.

EX447 will be part of the RHCA exams, but would like to do EX407 first, before going onto EX447

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Starfighter Starfighter

Other than the other comments above about RH294 being newer and on RHEL 8, the main Ansible difference between DO407 and RH294 is that the DO407 course  used Ansible 2.7 and RH294 currently uses Ansible 2.8.  The differences between the versions are relatively minor as far as the courses are concerned, although there are some features and modules Ansible 2.7 won't have. 

The Porting Guide for Ansible 2.8 covers some of the differences, but most of them shouldn't impact you much:

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I am already RHCA but need to do EX407 to extend validity and i already have the Voucher. During my Studys i wonder which Documentation is available during the exam. Do i need to know all parameters in depth or is it possible to take some stuff from the official docs?

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Hi @Martin ,

At the time I took EX407, almost 2 years ago, we had access to:

-Offline ansible documentation 

-ansible-doc pages

Saying that I did not feel it was so much time to waste in finding information during the exam. I mean you needed to know more or less the commands and could quickly consult them for verifying or copying/pasting an example. Not much more to find out properly how a module would work when not knowing it, etc...

It all depends on your experience and skill level anyway.


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