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How to copy files between managed nodes running RHEL ( remote servers ) in an AT setup

Hi Mods 

I have an issue with a project implementation , where I need to copy output files generated by a process - to one central Linux server ( I mention central , for clarity , where I want to put all my output files that maybe coming out of hundreds of VMs - all running the same process ) ; In my setup , ansible is running through tower , and we are not allowed to become root , due to security policies ; there is no SSH setup for ansible user between VMs - they are reachale only through tower .


#1. Can I use copy module here ? with remote_src set as true , but what should be the format of dest key value in Linux to use copy module ? with win_copy , we ca use \\\c$\mydi\ etc. , but what should be the format in Linux ?

#2. With ansible tower (ruuning in a VM) is it possible to use fetch ? fetch and then copy ? Please note that I can not login to tower VM with putty due to security poloicies and check , but does it allow to use fetch with ansible tower and then use copy from ansible tower ? 


#3.  Synchronize: This is not working as expected ; I think synchronize uses rsync , but do I need to setup rsync first ? to make synchronize working ? setting up rsync also requires root access which we don't have so I try to avoid this approach 



Can you suggest any solution to this problem ; 

~ thanks !


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eventually you can fetch (ansible.builtin.fetch) the files from remote1 and copy (ansible.builtin.copy) them from locally to remote2.

Hope it helps


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Flight Engineer

Hi @Punyabrata 

This play work for me:

- hosts:
  gather_facts: false
     - synchronize:
          src: /home/student/file
          dest: /home/student/file

Where 1) clienta - original     clientb - remote copy    2) ssh with key authorization work between clients

Good luck.

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