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New redhat-system-role.rhc in RHEL 9.2 for subscription management

It looks like RHEL 9.2 has added a new Ansible Role to redhat-system-roles, redhat-system-role.rhc.  The release notes say this:

This role enables administrators to easily register RHEL systems to Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) and Satellite servers. By default, when you register a system by using the rhc system role, the system connects to Red Hat Insights. With the new rhc system role, administrators can now automate the following tasks on the managed nodes:

  • Configure the connection to Red Hat Insights, including automatic update, remediations, and tags for the system.
  • Enable and disable repositories.
  • Configure the proxy to use for the connection.
  • Set the release of the system.

As I understand it, this role is now the supported way to use Ansible to register RHEL systems and set up RHSM repositories.  In RH294, chapter 9 of the course ("Managing Software and Subscriptions") still talks about the community.general modules that have been used to do this, but as that section points out, those are unsupported.

Some documentation:

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