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Training in Puppet - Or has everything gone to ansible

I am familure in Redhat Satellite 6 and use puppets, I would like more training in this but Red Hat retired the course. Does this mean that they are trying to push you to use their ansible and yaml? Which I have no knowledge what so ever with either.

Is there a good course for using satellite with ansible and all I know from what people say is yaml progaming is difficult to learn. (Well its not bash... )   :)

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Starfighter Starfighter

In terms of training, take a look at RH403. The course is based on Red Hat Satellite 6.6 and aims to use Ansible to configure hosts.

I'm not entirely sure on what you mean when you say "YAML programming is difficult". Puppet support both JSON and YAML. I guess you use JSON then? If you are familiar with JSON then you will do just fine with YAML.

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