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Mission Specialist

ansible-navigator doc - doesn't print info


maybe someone face the differences between ansible-navigator doc and ansible-navigator interactive version. I installed collections according to RH294 - Lab: Managing Linux Hosts and Using System Roles. And when I try to display info about it is not possible to display it wiith ansible-navigator doc ... It is visible only in interactive mode ansible-navigator :collection :redhat.rhel_system :storage. Is it normal? How to explain it?


And ansible.cfg is set properly (as a default) in this lab


Thank you for any answer or comments



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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I haven't built Ansible collections myself, so take what I say here as an educated guess, but I believe that what you describe is the expected behavior.


Building a collection among other stuff requires some Python work to setup documentation, you have to prepare the documentation text in certain format, before running make doc to set it into a form that ansible doc can properly parse and display to the user. If that is not done, ansible doc doesn't have anything to show. The documentation of the ansible.builtin collection will always show as its documentation is a part of the package, but for other collections it depends on the maintainer if he is willing to do the work. Quite often, they will not bother, leaving instructions simply in file. You can find instructions by reading that file or in the way you described.

I will warn you that on the exam I had a task where the provided role tarball did not even have description how the role is configured in the README file.

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