ex407 extremely dificult?

I did the DO407 course, and i am very confortable using ansible every day , but i find daunting the ex407 , researching about the exam i found that anybody says that is long, and complicated, and very little people aproves at first , the common are two or more times. Even search for "practice exams" to know what to expect. And nothing from redhat, the only i found "realish" is https://www.lisenet.com/2019/ansible-sample-exam-for-ex407/ . And checking it , i found that i not well prepared for the ex407 doing the do407. Also all that must be made in "the red hat  way" that make also more complicated. This will be my first red hat exam , and am shure i will lost the 400$ . Anyone who succesfully passed that exam has some clue or hint?

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As per my point of view EX407 is easier than EX294 (RHCE RHEL8). All you need is to practice all guided exercices and lab exercises by your own several times and finally comprehensive review.

That is more than enough after you read all chapters and theories. Use of ansible doc and docs.ansible.com is really important. 

I've faced both exams mntioned above and got passed already. 

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Mission Specialist

For those who failed exam, its a matter of practice more.


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So Redhat Learing did the the great "a la CentOs".
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I still have the Voucher and to take soon, i am studying with the RHLS (Course is out, use the EX294 Labs now) and the Kodekloud Course for it. One Important Question is how much Documentation is available or do i need to know all params in mind? In CKA / CKAD i was able to use the full K8S Documentation. Is it the same on this Exam for the Ansible Documentation or just ansible-doc on Command Line? At the moment i feel strong in some subjects bad bad on others where i need to use the Docs for, just want to know if its good to do the Exam now before the Voucher expires


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