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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Best Pratice for Migrating or Backing up Instances on OpenStack.

Hi, Everyone.. 

I hope you all doing great and stay health

Please give me the best practices for migrating or backing up instances on OpenStack.

I already have Red Hat Openstack version 16.2 on my old server and am running several instances.

And now, my company has a new physical server to replace the old one that was already running OpenStack.

So, the goal is to migrate all instances inside OpenStack to the new OpenStack on the physical server.

Any ideas and suggestion ?

Thank you

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

i was tried to snapshot every instance on openstack, then upload image / creating virtual image files (.qcow2) and exporting virtual-image to the new server.

But, there's error/bugs !
i was not able to create virtual-image on openstack volume who have bigger size like 1TB volume (boot volume, extend volume).

what is maximum size of openstack image to export ?

Any Help ??

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Please help me out, Guys.
I just got stuck to export big size of openstack volume.

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