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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

CL110 (13.0) missing rhel7 image blocking first exercise

It seems that the current version of CL110 course, the one based on OpenStack 13.0 is failing to provide the rhel7 image from the first exercise.

I did delete the entire lab, reprovision it and run the instructions from  --- but it fails to pass the rhel7 image, mainly there are no images at all.

I am sure that this worked with the older 10.0 version. Is anyone aware about the issue? What is the workaround?

Update: I was able to find a rhel7 qcow2 image on site, download it and attempted to upload the image as admin, but tough luck: I got a nasty generic error with lots of CSS from horizon.

Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 13.46.32.png

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Few hours later: it seems that originally there is only one octavia-amphora-13.0-xxxx image available and an attempt to upload a new rhel7 image will crash the glance service (container), and the direct result is that no images will be returned after that.

Doing a tail on /var/log/containers/glance/api.log does not uncover amu serious errors, only few warnings related to deprecated rabbit* from oslo_messaging. The last message is maybe a little bit more interesting: since image size is ero we will doing resize-before-write for each chunk...

Even docker reports the service as unhealthy after that (sudo docker ps|grep glance) but if I stop the container and start it again there is a surprise: I magically see that a rhel7 image with "saving" status and owned by finance.... which is bit weird because my attempt to upload the image was as admin user, so I would have expected to see the owner as admin.

Clearly something is messed with default lab setup because the first exercise should work after the lab was started.

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