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Want to hear about your use of containers on OpenStack...

Containers are becoming popular on OpenStack.  Soon, OpenShift on OpenStack can be a default configuration and tightly coupled to auto-scale together.  An article about a survey we took indicated that interest is rising:

Red Hat OpenStack Customer Survey 2018: containers, technical support top of mind

I'd like to hear how about your use case scenrios of containers on OpenStack, and your future plans.  Also, I am wondering if interest exists for OpenShift on OpenStack training.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


As per my  experience for teaching both the courses Openstack & Openshift to a wide variety of customers across the globe i have come to an undrestanding that currently companies are deploying openshift on either their bare metal or are in POC stage in a virtual environment. 

Some of the companies have adopted openshift however they do not use openstack i feel the benefit lies in using openstack to scale the nodes using HEAT template triggered by either a CPU spkie which attached automatically into the openshift cluster. 

One of our customers in EU (telco) have deployed openstack and are deploying openshift, i believe if we focus on openshift for a faster delivery and CI/CD integration and build openstack specifically for scaling out nodes then it could be a great choice for the customers.

More ever not just openshift, Openstack can be used to add additional projects in future so in case companies want to add virtual machines openstack provides the ability.

Hope this helps !

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

A couple of our customers are running kubernetes on our openstack. They're not using aodh alarms yet as our deployment doesn't support it, but we're rolling it out as a reponse to their usage.

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