Questions for LEAF session 1

Hello CL260 EA students!

I am one of the developers for the new CL260 course. Your feedback on the EA content would be extremely valuable as we continue building the course. We are looking forward to reviewing and incorporating your feedback.

Here are some questions to guide your feedback:

“Are there any topics you would like to see covered that are not yet covered?”

“What topics or exercise steps would you remove, if any, and why?”

“What would you change about any of the exercises?”

“Are there any other real-world best practices that you think we should incorporate in the exercises?”

“Do you think any topic is not covered enough and should be emphasized more?”

“Do you think any topic is covered too much and should be deemphasized?”

“Please list any general comments or concerns about any exercise.”

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Re: Questions for LEAF session 1

As we prepare for the session event, we are working on questions and discussion topics. Early access students and stakeholders, what kind of questions would you like to discuss in the liveearly access  feedback session?

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