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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Manual sidecar injection in OpenShift Service Mesh

Hi, I'm trying to inject an Istio proxy manually into a POD.

After launching this command

istioctl kube-inject \
    --injectConfigFile inject-config.yaml \
    --meshConfigFile mesh-config.yaml \
    --valuesFile inject-values.yaml \
    --filename APP-ISTIOSAMPLE-EXTERNAL/application.yaml  \
    | oc apply -f -

which works perfectly in a Kubernetes cluster, in Openshift I get this error


Error: template: inject:422 function "appendMultusNetwork" not defined


The injected files in the parameters have been retrieved from the corresponding configmap.

I want to be able to inject the sidecar manually, not automatically. Does anyone know what could be the reason?

I follow this guide:

Thanks in advance

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