MAINTENANCE RELEASE: Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403)

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403)
Last updated: May 2020


As part of our effort for continuous improvement of our materials, we are issuing a maintenance release of Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403).  Since the original release, we received feedback from instructors on ways to improve the course and increase lab stability.

Start and finish scripts for Guided Exercises and Labs have been made independent. While we always strongly advised that students perform exercises in sequence, the enhancements to the labs scripts no longer require students to have completed preceding exercises. The scripts are designed for situations where the lab environment has been reset.

Each script configures or creates the missing resources needed for the activity. Some scripts can take up to 45 minutes to configure missing resources. For example, synchronizing repositories or publishing content views are operations that require a lot of time.

This update does not include any changes to the student or instructor guides.

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Which version of Satellite should we expect in exam now?