NEW COURSE AVAILABLE: Introduction to Kubernetes Applications (D0100)


Red Hat Training is proud to announce the release of “Introduction to Kubernetes Applications (DO100)” for Kubernetes 1.22. This course is freely available on the Red Hat community site and is now available on ROLE and through the Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS).

Kubernetes is the standard for cloud application deployments and is the entry point for anyone interested in cloud workloads. This course is a quick developer-oriented introduction to what Kubernetes is and what can be achieved with Kubernetes. You will run, deploy, and test containerized applications with zero-downtime releases. 

Hands-on exercises are tested on both minikube and the OpenShift sandbox environment. 


Training Personas


Training Personas



Marie Monolith


Marie, an application developer, is developing monolithic applications for her organization. Her organization has recently decided to modernize by moving their applications to Kubernetes. 

Job Goal

Marie wants to decrease burnout factors for her and her fellow developers. 

Education Goal

Marie wants to continue being a productive team contributor and needs a quick rundown of the basic features on Kubernetes and needs to know how to leverage Kubernetes to complete her day to day tasks.



We’d like to thank all of the people that contributed to the creation of this course. Thank you to Enol Alvarez de Prado, Jordi Sola Alaball, Marek Czernek, Guy Bianco IV, Eduardo Ramirez Ronco, Alejandro Serna, Michael Phillips, Manuel Aude Morales, Richard Allred and Natalie Lind. Thank you to our content services group including Sam Ffrench, Sajith Sugathan, and Heider Souza. This was a collaborative architecture effort. Thanks to Fernando Lozano, Ravi Srinivasan, and Zach Gutterman. Thanks to all of the KubeByExample team, especially Gordon Tillmore and Arianna Pensiero.