NEW VERSION: Cloud Storage with Red Hat Ceph Storage 5 (CL260)

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Cloud Storage with Red Hat Ceph Storage 5 (CL260)

Current Release: November 2021 (version 5.0)

Previous Release:  April 2021 (version 4.2)


Reliable and performant data storage is a critical component for enterprise application and infrastructure solutions. Software-defined storage offers organizations the flexibility to grow their data storage requirements while enabling applications to operate at cloud-scale. Red Hat Ceph Storage leverages commodity hardware to create distributed and scalable storage volumes that are both fault-tolerant and provide access via object, block, and file data levels.  Successful planning, deployment and operation of a storage cluster can be achieved through completion of Cloud Storage with Red Hat Ceph Storage course. Ceph is an important component for customers deploying containerized applications on Red Hat OpenShift using OpenShift Data Foundations and also for scaling cloud infrastructure with Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat Training & Certification is pleased to announce a new release of Cloud Storage with Red Hat Ceph Storage (CL260) for Red Hat Ceph Storage 5.0. This updated course teaches storage administrators and cloud operators the skills needed to deploy and manage Red Hat Ceph Storage clusters in a standalone configuration or as a component of a Red Hat OpenStack Platform or Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform infrastructure.   Storage administrators will be able to create, manage, and troubleshoot storage resources, devices, services, and gateways for dynamically scalable business environments.

Red Hat Ceph Storage 5.0 includes improved features and capabilities:

  • Redesigned management interface using the cephadm tool.
  • Simplified installation and cluster scaling procedures using cephadm.
  • Enhanced web-based Dashboard interface that can automate common maintenance tasks.
  • Enhanced BlueStore OSD structure and device mapping architecture for increased scaling.
  • Ceph orchestrator toolset for automated task management.
  • New OSD creation methods using cephadm and the Ceph orchestrator.
  • Scalable multisite configuration for the RADOS object gateway
  • New content describing integration with OpenShift Container Platform
  • Multiple enhancements in CephFS, including scaling with NFS Ganesha

Training Personas 

Training Personas



Steven Acheson, Storage Administrator


Steven Acheson is a seasoned system administrator who is experienced working with legacy and distributed enterprise storage solutions.  His company has transitioned to cloud-based applications and development.  Steve needs to know not only how to maintain storage structures, but how to scale storage services, gateways with highest  security, resiliency and performance to cloud scale. 

Job Goal

To become a senior Red hat Ceph Storage administrator supporting a multi-site storage platform.

Ceph Storage Administrator (sample)

Red Hat Senior Storage Administrator (sample)

Education Goal

Steven Acheson will deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage, with RADOS Object Gateways, CephFS File Sharing, and RADOS Block Devices for virtual and containerized workloads, including OSD migration from FileStore to BlueStore, and from ceph-disk to ceph-volume, with ongoing performance tuning, feature selection, monitoring, and troubleshooting, 

Skills Path 

The skills path graphic displayed here is for storage administrators or cloud operators who are maintaining a Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster in a Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure.cl260-skillspath.pngStorage administrators managing standalone Red Hat Ceph Storage clusters should obtain the Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification, or possess equivalent knowledge, before taking the Cloud Storage with Red Hat Ceph Storage (CL260) course.

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I believe EX260 exam is 3 hours, not 4 hours as shown in the above infographic, correct?


(CL260) cource duration is 4 days.