New Exam: Red Hat Preliminary Exam in Red Hat OpenStack Administration (PE110)

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Red Hat Training and Certification is pleased to announce, in conjunction with the release of Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain  Operators (CL110 v16), that the new Preliminary Exam in Red Hat OpenStack Administration  (PE110v16) is now available! This exam is the latest in our line of take-at-home exams that allow candidates to take the exam at both a time and a location that is convenient for them.  All that is required is a suitable device and reliable broadband Internet access.

PE110v16 provides an ideal opportunity for candidates who have completed CL110 to test their knowledge and understanding of core OpenStack concepts.  For candidates who are planning on continuing their Red Hat OpenStack journey by attempting to earn their Red Hat Certified System Administrator credential it provides an opportunity to verify mastery of core OpenStack concepts and gain familiarity with a performance based testing environment before attempting the much more comprehensive Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam (EX210). 

Exam competencies

The exam covers essential Red Hat OpenStack system administration skills including:

Understanding and working with director-based deployments
Using template files, environment files and other resources to obtain information about a installed OpenStack environment
Configuring OpenStack domains, projects and users
Configuring resources such as virtual machine flavors, security groups and key pairs
Adding images to an overcloud
Creating and managing network access for projects
Configuring floating IP addresses
Launching virtual machine instances
Configuring network access for virtual machine instances
Use key pairs to connect to instances
Configuring virtual machine instances during deployment

The exam is available for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.

Additional Information

Additional information on the exam can be found at:

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