RHCSA650E: Running Containers Red Hat Training

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Flight Engineer

“RHCSA Running Containers” (RHCSA650E) is a free course that we are offering to a specific group of students. We are targeting these students because they will be impacted by the RHEL + Containers updates coming to EX200, RH134 and RH199 on October 5th. This includes all students who have taken or purchased RH134 and RH199, and students who have purchased or scheduled EX200 from August 17th, 2019 to September 30th 2020. Please note that if a student scheduled their EX200 for after September 30th but purchased before this date, they will also receive the free content to help them prepare. If a student is eligible, they will be recieving an email with an access link.

As applications become more complex and containers become more ubiquitous, it is increasingly important for system administrators to possess the essential skills to manage and run containers.  RHCSA650E covers container concepts, using Podman, inspecting an image with Skopeo, and managing containers as Systemd services.

RHCSA650E is 4-5 hours of container content that includes hands-on guided exercises and labs, and will be translated by September 28th. This delta course is also available in RHLS, and we encourage customers to use RHLC for any questions about the content changes.


Here are some helpful resources in the Learning Community! If you have any questions, please ask them on the FAQ post.

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