Release Announcement: [RH104] Red Hat Training: Getting Started with Linux Fundamentals

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Red Hat Training: Getting Started with Linux Fundamentals

January 3, 2024

Course Overview 

Getting Started with Linux Fundamentals (RH104) is designed for IT professionals and business users who access Linux systems, and run Linux-based applications and services, but have little to no previous UNIX or Linux experience. This course introduces Linux concepts and fundamental skills to Linux users who do not manage or administer Linux Systems.


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Do you have team members who are ready to take a peek into the world of Linux without the complexities of system administration? Red Hat Training is excited to introduce our latest offering - Getting Started with Linux Fundamentals (RH104).

This course is specifically tailored for professionals who need to work with Linux systems and Linux-based applications but don't want to delve into system administration. If you've been seeking an opportunity to enhance your Linux skills, RH104 is the perfect starting point.

While RH104 focuses on Linux fundamentals, it's important to note that it does not cover system administration tasks. For those looking to dive deeper into administration, we recommend Red Hat System Administration I (RH124).

Skill Paths (URL)

RHEL Skills Path [TBA]

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