UPDATED COURSE AVAILABLE: Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift Administration II (DO285)


Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift Administration II (DO285)

Last updated: March 2020


Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift Administration II (DO285) is the accelerated training for students interested in pursuing the Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration certification. This course combines the hands-on skills covered over six days in Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes (DO180) and Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: Operating a Production Kubernetes Cluster (DO280) into a single five day course. To keep pace in this fast moving course, students need a solid foundation of Linux skills as demonstrated by RHCSA or equivalent knowledge. Customers also have the option to purchase the exam bundle DO286 to enable students to demonstrate proficiency as an OpenShift administrator in a performance based exam.

Containers and Red Hat OpenShift have quickly become the de facto solution for agile development and application deployment and are key to a DevOps organization to support digital transformation.  DO285 will be particularly valuable to firms moving beyond an initial Proof of Concept and into the Prepare and Expand phases of the Container adoption journey that require a resilient and scalable production OpenShift cluster.

Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift Administration II (DO285) helps students build core knowledge in building and managing Linux containers and Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. This hands-on, lab-based course shows students how to deploy applications to either a local container runtime or an OpenShift cluster and then how to configure and manage OpenShift clusters to allow multiple developers and applications to share the platform securely. These skills are needed for multiple roles, including architects, administrators, and site reliability engineers.

Sales Quick Facts


Quick Fact Table



DO180 and DO280 had an NPS of 63 in FY20Q3


5 days ILT

5 days VT (with extended instructional days)


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.5

Skills Assessment

No changes required to the skills assessment

Marketing Assets

Link to datasheet and any additional marketing assets specific for this release

Course Outline

Internal Availability

This course will be available for internal associates on the internal LMS at learning.redhat.com.


Training Personas


Training Personas



Charlie Root


Charlie Root is a seasoned system administrator who is experienced working with Linux OS and traditional datacenter services.  His company is ready to move beyond proof of concept and he now needs to know how to take the next step: deploying highly available containers securely and at scale.

Job Goal

To become a senior OpenShift Container Platform administrator supporting a multi-tenant PaaS platform

OpenShift Enablement Engineer (sample job posting)

Senior Red Hat OpenShift Technical Architect (sample job posting)

Education Goal

Charlie Root will manage a multi-tenant, production OpenShift cluster with the access rights required by users and applications and add compute capacity constraints and network isolation roles to application projects.

Learning Path 

DO285 can be used as an alternative to DO180 and DO280 in the following skills path that leads to the Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration. After getting that certification, students are encouraged to take DO380: Red Hat OpenShift Administration III: Scaling Kubernetes Deployments in the Enterprise to deepen their skills as OpenShift Cluster Administrators.


Sales Transition Plan

This update for DO285 aligns the accelerated track course DO285 with the latest updates of the standard track courses DO180 and DO280, bringing in a consistent classroom environment using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.5 and adding new hands-on activities related to storage, network isolation, default project templates, and an expanded comprehensive review.


Delivery Quick Facts

The new classroom environment provided by DO285-4.5 eliminates the need of switching classroom environments mid-week during a delivery. The same classroom allows performing exercises originated from both DO180 and DO280 and is based on the DO280 classroom running in regional OpenStack clusters managed by Red Hat Training. Exercises from DO180 are now performed in a DO280-style dedicated cluster instead of in a DO180-style shared cluster.


Quick Fact Table


Special Considerations

This course requires internet to access the OpenShift dedicated clusters.

Instructor Readiness

To teach this course, instructors must meet the following requirements:

  • Be eligible to teach DO180-4.5
  • Be eligible to teach DO280-4.5

Course Version


Printkit on Lacrosse


Classroom Setup Materials

Classroom setup materials are available on Instructor Central, and are based on the Unified Classroom Foundation.

There is no ILT classroom for DO285, all deliveries require access to ROLE. The following manifest provides only the Instructor Guide and slide deck:

Delivery Modes & Availability

All deliveries, for all modalities, require access to ROLE to access remote OpenShift clusters and the remote classroom environment.

Hardware Requirements

  • Level II (i5 CPU with 8 GB RAM)
  • Internet Required, access to a VNC desktop via ROLE

See Classroom Technology Requirements for details.


This release of this course is attributed to the efforts of several key individuals.  Michael Phillips (Curriculum Developer), Ivan Chavero (Curriculum Developer), James Mighion (Curriculum Developer), Andres Hernandez (Curriculum Developer), Jim Rigsbee (DevOps Lab Engineer), Ed Campos (SCRUM Master), Nicolette Lucas (Content Deployment Mgr), Nicole Muller (Primary Content Editor), Fernando Lozano (DevOps Curriculum Architect) Chris Tusa (DevOps Practice Manager) and Pat Sharp (Content Services Manager).