UPDATED COURSE AVAILABLE: Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Day 2 Operations for Cloud Operators

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Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Day 2 Operations for Cloud Operators (CL210)


Red Hat Training & Certification is pleased to announce the release of “Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Day 2 Operations for Cloud Operators" (CL210) for Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 16. The updated course teaches cloud operators and engineers the skills needed for the daily operation of a private cloud, which can reduce costs through fine-grained resource control, simplified regulatory compliance, and easier integration with legacy systems. Using the skills taught in this course, cloud operators will be able to create, manage, and troubleshoot software-defined network services, resources, servers, and applications for dynamically scalable business environments.

This course is the second in the RHOSP Administration Curriculum track, covering production cloud operations and management techniques.  Customer organizations will find RHOSP 16 to be easier to install and manage while handling more diverse types of cloud and legacy workloads with an expanding portfolio of flexible resource configuration. RHOSP 16 enhancements address evolving customer requirements for enterprise cloud infrastructures:

  • Evolution of OpenStack to fully containerized services for the undercloud and overclouds.

  • Introduction of the Service Telemetry Framework, an advanced solution for monitoring and metrics using industry-accepted Prometheus and Grafana technologies.

  • Expanded use of industry-popular Ansible Automation for installation, upgrades, and workload deployment.

  • Enhancements to Open Virtual Networking (OVN),  an advanced SDN framework evolved from Open vSwitch, now standard across the Red Hat product portfolio.

  • New architecture choices for hyperconverged infrastructure, combining storage and compute resources for lower latency and higher performance.

Training Personas

Training Personas



Clarice Osgood, Cloud Operator


Clarice Osgood is a seasoned system administrator who is experienced working with OpenStack for enterprise server and workload deployment, resource configuration, and network administration.  Her company deploys OpenStack at scale, and is looking to maximize operational efficiency and automation at cloud-scale, while also increasing infrastructure  security.

Job Goal

To become a senior Red Hat OpenStack  Platform operator supporting an ever-expanding multi-tenant IaaS platform.

Education Goal

Clarice Osgood will operate Red Hat OpenStack Platform with Red Hat Ceph Storage, using Service Telemetry Framework for monitoring, Ansible Automation and Heat Orchestration for cloud-scale deployment, LDAP for multi-tenant hierarchies,  Open Virtual Networking for software-defined networking, and learn valuable IaaS troubleshooting skills.


Skills Path