UPDATED COURSE: DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (TL500)


Red Hat Training: DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (TL500)



DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (TL500) is a five-day, immersive class offering students an opportunity to experience and implement cultural shifts that are utilized in many successful DevOps adoption journeys. DevOps Culture & Practice combines the best tools from many leading frameworks to blend continuous discovery and continuous delivery with cultural and technical practices into a unique, highly-engaging experience simulating real-world scenarios and applications. As part of our transformational learning offerings, TL500 focuses on culture and practice and is not a technical product training.

The updated version of this course is based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.10 and runs on the GLS platform for increased efficiency and stability.



We would like to extend thanks to the Open Innovation Labs who constructed the course and collaborated with us while we transitioned the content to a GLS commercial offering running on the GLS platform. Thanks to Michael Walker, Øystein Bedin, Jakub Filipczak, Jorge Tudela, Mike Hepburn, Cansu Kavili, Donal Spring, Tom Heisey, Ilaria Doria, and Matt Takane.

Thanks to Benja Chardi for his hard work porting TL500 to the GLS lab environment. And thanks to Zach Gutterman and Richard Allred for taking on extra course support while Benja focused on this course. Thanks to Syed Ahmed and Wasim Raja for their immense help testing the course. Thanks to Roberto Velazquez for project management. Thanks to Forrest Taylor, Rudolf Kastl, and Bowe Strickland for customizations to the platform to support TL500 as a collaborative classroom environment.

Thanks to Travis Michette, Ricardo Jun Taniguchi, and Somsubhra Mukherjee for instructor feedback and testing during development of this course.