UPDATED COURSE: Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators


Red Hat Training & Certification is pleased to announce the release of “Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators” (CL110) for Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 16. The redesigned course teaches domain operators and cloud users essential skills for managing resources and deploying scalable cloud applications. In response to student feedback, we have upleveled the content to focus on enterprise use cases.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform is the premiere choice in supported open source private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. RHOSP is a self-service platform for managing virtualization and bare-metal instances with solutions for enterprise applications from telco edge deployments to distributed multi-tenant environments.

This course is the first in the RHOSP Administration Curriculum track, introducing production cloud deployment concepts and daily operations for cloud users and operators. The previous version of this course has an NPS approaching 70 and is our best-selling OpenStack course.

Training Persona

Training Personas

Domain Operator


Danielle Openheimer


Danielle Openheimer is responsible for creating projects, assigning user roles, and managing resources and other tasks within their domain. As a domain operator, Danielle uses projects and subprojects to securely isolate deployed applications and their resources. She is the first level of support for a domain's cloud users.

Job Goal

  • Keep organization within the budget and under quotas.
  • Manage resources for access, user experience, up-to-date catalog, proper networking, and others.
  • Manage service tickets by closing them ASAP.
  • Ensure that service level agreements (SLAs) are met.

Education Goal

Danielle wants to work with less frustrating methods of managing self-service environments.


Learning Path