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DO374 Lab Environment

Instructor @rgdacosta in the introduction to the classroom environment (this is for the v2.2 version of DO374). shows a RHEL9 environment for the workstation machine. (You can clearly see this from the dock placement at the bottom).

However, when I create the lab environment I have two issues:

a. It takes a very long time (even after going active) before the login panel on the graphical environment of the workstation machine appears.

b. And when I login as student I see RHEL8.6

So what's up with this disparity?

Thank you


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Hello @SubuRama !

I think it is a local issue - because for me it took 3 minutes to create a lab env and then instant login to workstation thereafter :




  1. Please raise a support case in case you are facing difficulty to create a lab or it is taking too much time to become active - our support team will help you.
  2. I will alert the video course team regarding the RHEL 9 machine shown in the video - However I would like to ask - are you facing any issues doing the lab steps in your VM in the course lab ( which is RHEL 8.x ) ? As long as you can perform the steps in the lab VMs as instructed in the course PDF or video - I think there is nothing to worry about.
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