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Welcome to the Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible (DO417) group!

We are excited to launch a space dedicated to the Red Hat Training course Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible!

To gain the most value from this group - click the "Join Group" button in the upper right hand corner of the group home page.

We encourage group members to collaborate in this group to discuss topics, ask questions, share best practices and tips, provide course feedback, and share their accomplishments as it relates to DO417.

Read more about Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible here.

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So far the training course has been great. However, I'm just getting to the section on Domain joining computers and adding domain controllers. At least from the training it looks like the password for the admin account is always available in the logs of the task. For obvious security reasons I'd prefer not to do that. Can anyone point to a more secure way to pass those credentials?

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