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10 Tips on mastering your craft

Master your craft - here is how: 

1. Always remain a student.

2. Share your knowledge with others, teaching allows you to re-learn and give an invaluable gift to others.

3. Seek out constructive feedback - a fresh pair of eyes and different perspective is essential.

4. Be ok with failure - failure is a part of everyone's journey and will only result in personal growth.

5. Make small actionable goals - that lead to bigger goals over time.

6. Read, read, read - one of the number one learning tools out there.

7. Recommit and start with clear intentions every single day.

8. Tie what you are learning to a purpose - you will be much more incentivitized to learn if you apply it to a bigger mission.

9. Ask questions continuously - we learn mostly by doing and seeking guidance from others.

10. STAY CURIOUS - my number one tip. Curiosity leads to innovation, new ideas, growth, and evolutions. 


Please feel free to add any additional tips you might have with the community.

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Starfighter Starfighter

I used to train junior technicians. I told them that, in my opinion, one of the most important attributes is: be confident, you can do it.

I'm particularly fond of your #4: Failure. I never learn something so well as I do when I first fail at it.


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Flight Engineer

Thank you @Deanna and @Tracy_Baker 

some of these  are part of core Amazon leadership principles as well as any successful perosn or company. One thing I would like to add is practice, practice, and make sure you apply what you learn.

  1. Learn and Be Curious
  2. Invent and Simplify
  3. Bias for Action
~ Walid - Red Hat Accelerator, DevOps Janitor
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