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About my RHCA Gift Pack

Hi All,

FInally after continuing my journey on redhat i have become an RHCA -Infrastructure .

But i have a query I have claimed my RHCA gift Pack on 2nd August but many days passed I do not receive details to track it .

I am worried about this shipment , I have contacted Brand fuel team as well but they directed me to reach redhat ,

So kindly if you can support has anyone faced this issue , if so how to solve i sent emails to brandfuel and redhat support but no feedback every one say  contact other .

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Hi @Saad_SID ,

Congratulations, first, for your fantastic (and surely difficult) achievement!

I am not 100% sure this is the right contact, I think they can help to move things forward: 

I had a quick glance, it seems something supposed to be handled by BrandFuel. I have read about a contact in Certification Team who might be able to help.


I hope it will move things forward!

PS: I don't know about the delays, I think a lot of things are disturbed with the pandemy so 26 days for worldwide shipping might not be so exceptional during this special context...




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