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Advantages of Open Source over Proprietary softwares?

Can you list 5 key advantages between Open Source over Proprietary softwares? 

Try not to search the web, instead jot down what you think they are, in your own words

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The first thing that comes in mind immediately after seeing a term like Open Source is COST   1. Cost-Effectiveness : FOSS offers significant cost savings with no compromise in quality.

The second buzz thing is  2. Transparency  which is availability for anyone to freely inspect and contribute to the OSS development.

Third foundational super power is  3. Community Support : Large and active community of users and developers who are willing to help each other resulting in faster bug fixes or to report a workaround.

Fourth key advantage is  4. Custom design : No dependency on any vendor : fluid designing or customization/innovation to meet specific demands.

Fifth key asset is  5. Community Itself : Techies are aware that Open Source is future , gives them a sense of belonging and the flexibility to work as per their freedom in a collaborative way!

Read what the UNESCO has to say about the FOSS :,and%20knowl...



Here are a few advantages of Open-source software over Proprietary ones.


  • Flexibility to adapt according to one’s needs :

When it comes to open-source software, businesses can add or delete components as they see fit because the essential code is publicly available and free to edit.

  • Cost :

 Being cost-effective also keeps you from worrying about any recurring license or maintenance fees.

  • Freedom to change/switch :

Regardless of the cause, you always have the option to switch to another piece of software for little to no money and almost no licensing.

One upside to this freedom is that you are free from any sudden price hikes from your vendors if you use proprietary software.

  • Community Support :

Online forums make it simple to find help for open-source software. Numerous software providers also offer a range of paid support tiers and free online support. 

  • Scope to scale :

The combined strength of a group of talented individuals(community) working together results in not just more ideas but also quicker development,  making it an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.


For me, there is only one advantage that rules them all: humanity.

Despite the recent decades of capitalism and ruthless competition, the human species has a long history of cooperation and sharing, of a gift economy where everyone tried to contribute to their communities for the good of everyone, to thank all the care work they received as a child, to be part of something greater than themselves.

Open-source and free software ingrain this human essence in their philosophy, and the wise people who acknowledge that we are not islands, but part of a system, this is the best and the only way to advance into the future.

If we are all well, I'm well too.

RHCA - Level III
Free software for free people

I would like to take advantage of this post to recommend an (audio)book that is now part of my train of thought, and proposes, with open source together with other key points, a transition towards a socioeconomic system based on abundance, cooperation, sustainability, and balance.

Screenshot from 2023-09-06 12-46-12.png





RHCA - Level III
Free software for free people
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The main advantage of open-source SW is that it stops the monopoly of corporations producing Proprietary SW. Monopoly is always bad and leads to abuse of power.


Petr Cihlar

Free, encourages a lot of creativity, customization, community and vendor free.

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Free access to the source code extends the software lifetime.  Even if the developer stopped maintaining the code a decade ago, it can still be compiled for the latest OS releases - and computing platforms which might not exist at the moment of the code writing.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Cost Effective:
Open Source: Open source software is typically free to use and distribute. This can result in significant cost savings for individuals, businesses, and organizations.
Transparency and Customization based our needs
Open Source: Open source software provides access to its source code, allowing users to inspect, modify, and customize the software to suit their specific needs.
Community Collaboration with Globe
Open Source: Open source projects often have a vibrant community of developers, users, and enthusiasts who collaborate to improve the software. This collective effort can lead to faster bug fixes, feature enhancements, and overall improvements.
Security and Reliability all aspects
Open Source: The transparency of open source software allows for continuous security audits by the community, making it easier to identify and address vulnerabilities quickly.
No Single Vendor attache and Lock
Open Source: With open source software, users are not tied to a single vendor or provider. They have the freedom to switch service providers or modify the software to work with different systems and tools.


- Freedom, you're free to use, distribute, and modify

- More secure by allowing the community to quickly fix bugs

- Fast feature enhancement

- Against monopoly, or closing yourself to one company

- Different alternatives for applications

- Getting better support from the community

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