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Are Entry Level Linux Jobs basically dead?

I've been looking at applying to Entry Level Linux Jobs which basically do not seem to exist in the US right now. The few which do need security clearance (I'm not eligible for it). I've been rejected by Red Hat for Associate Technical Support role recently (I'v RHCSA). I'm currenly working on CCNA as there seem to be some entry level networking roles.

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Do you think you'd have better luck if you get your RHCE and a 3rd cert?

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I'd like to get hands on Linux working environment before I do rhce. I also have CompTIA trifecta. I think it's enough certs because I look like a paper king already. I've a level 1 helpdesk job offer which I will take up. It's at a hospital and mostly password resets and basic stuff at 18/hr in Philadelphia.
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