Beyond Passing: What Optimal Performance Looks Like ?!

Hey there,

So, check this out: I had a little hiccup with Red Hat's EX358. Thought I was totally killing it, but surprise surprise, when it came to the exam, I realized I wasn't quite hitting that "optimal" mark - yeah, found out the hard way, with a hearty dose of khios. Ring any bells?

Now, here's my brainwave: what if we jazzed up our labs with a performance indicator system? You know, something that lays out what's "good," "bad," "average," or "optimal" in terms of completion time. Picture it: aiming for a smooth 20 minutes. If you're breezing through in 15, hats off to you, but if you're still wrestling with it past the 20-minute mark, maybe it's time for a strategy rethink.

Imagine having this roadmap right there before diving into the lab. It'd give us a crystal-clear snapshot of our performance, letting us fine-tune our game plan accordingly—even if we did manage to snag a "passed" with a cheeky smiley face. Plus, who knows? This little tweak could be the secret sauce to acing those certifications.

Whaddya think?

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