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Flight Engineer

Can I use for EJB applications on Tomcat 9

Hi All,


i am not sure and could you please guide me for deploy EJB application on Tomcat 9.

finally I am not aware of Tomcat . Is it support EJB application on tomcat.


if possible, could you please share URL for Tomcat 9 or support EJB container For Tomcat X (here X means version).


finally i am not sure which version supports for EJB container on Tomcat.


i am waiting for your valuable reply.



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Tomcat only provides the Servlet container and a few other APIs, such as JDBC Connection pools (Datasources). It does not provide a transaction manager, EJB container, and other APIS and components from a complete, certified Java EE or Jakarta EE application server.

The Open Source project for Tomcat is:

And the supported version from Red Hat is:

Red Hat provides the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform if you need full Java EE and Jakarta EE support:

The OpenSource project for JBoss EAP is WildFly:

The Apache Foundation also provides TomEE, which is Tomcat + the remaining Java EE APIs and services:

You could also look for Glassfish and Websphere Liberty as alternative Java EE and Jakarta EE application servers.

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