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Cannot Boot Remote Exam Live ISO USB for Remote Exam, Boot hanging at 100%

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Hello all,

i’m having some issues with the boot of the Remote Exam Live ISO.

During the preparation for the Remote Exam for ROL Course DO288, i tried to boot my Laptop using the Remote Exam Live ISO. I'm following the docs available here: https://www.redhat.com/en/resources/remote-exams-preparation-ebook.

Downloaded https://static.redhat.com/downloads/training-certification/rhrexboot.iso and written it to USB Stick by using the dd utility.

The boot process is starting until the screen "environment is loading into memory" appears, it counts up to 100% and then nothing more is happening. 

I tried different USB-Stick, always the same result.

For tests, i also used the rhrexboot-2020-08.iso Image, which i found as reference in an redhat Issue description, this one is working for me. Boot is without error, and the hardware compatibility checks are successful.

I plan to do the exam soon, thanks to advice how to proceed. I only have one Laptop available for the training/exam, it's a Lenovo Thinkpad P50.



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I've 'HP Elitebook 745 g6. When I boot with "rhrexboot", it loads the image and counts goes till 100% after that screen blank and no activity shown. Also does not respond to any keys/combination.

After reading this post, I downloaded the "rhrexboot-2020-08, and used this image. Now the screen blanks just after booting.

I pressed Esc and I tried to select "check image and load exam... " & "load the exam..." but all having same effect. if I select "troubleshooting..." in troubleshooting page I selected to start with basic VGA driver..

Thanks & Regards




I am also having same problem with latest ISO with "rhrexboot" after 100%, I tried with "rhrexboot-2020-08" and it is working fine, however with "rhrexboot-2020-08" integrated camera feed show green and external webcam is working fine put problem with external webecam is, it is not able to read the photo id. Please help.


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i had the same problem that my external WebCam was not able to read my id-card.
Luckily my internal WebCam was working, and i was allowed to use the internal Cam for identification.

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I have the same issue with a Lenovo Thinkpad x270.

With the old 2020-08 version it is even worse, I just get a kernel panic. Can someone please help with this issue?

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I have the same issue as described back April this year => "Cannot "Boot Remote Exam Live ISO USB for Remote Exam, Boot hanging at 100%."!

I have a ThinkPad T470 (a 4½ years old machine), and it works fine with the rhrexboot-2020-08.iso Image - but NOT with the rhrexboot.iso.
NOTE that: this machine also runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.4 (Ootpa) just fine, so it's not an unsupported machine in the Linux world.

I could, of course, try to go to my next exam using the rhrexboot-2020-08.iso, but as far as I understand the recommendation from Red Hat is to use rhrexboot.iso, and I don't want to have to reschedule in the last minute because of the ISO - so what to do?

Also, a small suggestion - pretty please:
Currently the "remote-exams-preparation-ebook" provides a direct link to the ISO, and when you click it (in a browser) the download of the approx. 2.5 GB typically starts right away/after a simple prompt! And, you have no easy way of knowing if this file is identical to the one you already have or it has been updated, i.e. before the download has completed and you have it on your local disk!

One suggestion could be that Red Hat instead, provides a link to a remote folder/directory, where you could see and select the latest/relevant ISO, and where you could see information on when it was uploaded/some release info, and additionally you could provide checksum(s) e.g. one or more of sha256sum, sha512sum and md5sum. (This is a common way to do these things, I guess.)
But other alternatives exist, so it's just one suggestion.

And, if you should wonder - then yes, I did try to access https://static.redhat.com/downloads/training-certification/ - but I got an "AccessDenied" response.


Same here. 


Should I download and use old ISO?

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Please note that as I do not work for Red Hat this reply reflects my personal views only!

Anyway, I would suggest that you ask this question directly to "(Red Hat) Remote Exam readiness support".
You can find a link to this Support desk in the "getting ready for your Red Hat remote exam ebook"!
Note that the link I used to get to the ebook was this =>

When I recently (i.e 2021-12-08) contacted "(Red Hat) Remote Exam readiness support" I was told the following =>
["The older ISO (2020-08) can be currently used but it will be discontinued soon"
"If you are planning to appear for exam in upcoming week, the older ISO can be used ..."
"Once you schedule your exam or when you finalize the date of exam, you can contact us again and confirm it"

So, I assume that the answer would still be pretty much the same if you ask it today, assuming you have machine "somewhat similar to" the one I have etc. etc. - but I would suggest, that you ask the question directly to Red Hat Support, yourself.

I hope this reply was helpful!

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I have a Lenovo t470s and the new ISO doesn't work for me. Does anybody have the MD5/SHA256 signature of the older image, rhrexboot-2020-08.iso ?

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The image I've dowloaded a while back via https://static.redhat.com/downloads/training-certification/rhrexboot-2020-08.iso gives the following message digests when executed on a machine running RHEL 8.5.
$ sha256sum rhrexboot-2020-08.iso; md5sum rhrexboot-2020-08.iso; sha512sum rhrexboot-2020-08.iso;
eda73a25d7d9b5eb51273c1773ee08297d17fb4430200125f3432d2f31ab594f rhrexboot-2020-08.iso
ba35acb890b5bf828b8dba8049d43706 rhrexboot-2020-08.iso
5d37b4560beb9392106d36986d95cca2670c94253bd6f9cb1681d5a0727f067c1304ec6a9d588e995e2afad9efca12983511eedf06c6b01ac89e6c67fc1530f5 rhrexboot-2020-08.iso
Hope it is useful.

[Please note that the input I provide reflects my personal observations and point of view - only.]


I have the same issue, the exam environment loads into memory,it reaches 100% progress and then gets stuck.

I use Lenovo P50 and USB 3.0.

I did try the older ISO file https://static.redhat.com/downloads/training-certification/rhrexboot-2020-08.iso, i managed to run successfully the compatibility tests before the exam, but during the exam i had major issues with using the mouse and the keyboard, i could not proceede with the exam.

I could not use right click, copy paste, open new tabs in the browser, i could not even type at some point.

I know there is an input box in the right corner to help type in, but is this how a performance based exam should look like?!

I contacted the support team and they also say the only option is to use the old ISO file.

Did the rhrexboot-2020-08.iso work for you fine during the exam?

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