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Cannot Complete Exercise Lab - RH Virtualization 4.1 Video Course (RH318)

Hello to All,

I'm enrolled in the RH318 Video on Demand course. I'm having issues trying to complete a guided exercise (Chap. 2- Creating a Linux Virtual Machine) step 7.3 and 7.4 (see steps below).

In short, the options to check the box "Attach CD" and the selection of available ISO are not working.  I'm not able to check the box nor select / change the ISO name (grayed out).

I rebooted servers, VMs, lab, webconnections, etc. with no success.

Any suggestions??





7. Modify the configuration of the virtual machine so that it boots using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation image in the virtual CD-ROM/DVD-ROM device, and boot it.
7.1. Right-click the rhel-test virtual machine and from the menu choose Run Once to
display the Run Virtual Machine(s) dialog.
7.2. Click the + icon next to the Boot Options to open the boot options dialog.
7.3. Click the check box next to the Attach CD. From the drop-down list of available ISO
files, choose the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation ISO rhel-server-7.3-
x86_64-dvd.iso. This "inserts" the ISO file into the virtual CD-ROM drive.
7.4. In the Predefined Boot Sequence list, choose the CD-ROM by clicking on it. With the
CD-ROM highlighted, click the Up button once, to bring the CD-ROM drive to the top
of the Boot Sequence list.
7.5. To confirm your changes and boot the virtual machine from the Red Hat Enterprise
Linux installation ISO, click the OK button.

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