Cannot boot exam iso - but version from 2020 works


I have an exam coming up on Friday and hence this is pretty urgent. 

i’m having some issues with the boot of the Remote Exam Live ISO.

During the preparation for the Remote Exam for ROL Course DO288, i tried to boot my Laptop using the Remote Exam Live ISO. I'm following the docs available here:

Downloaded and written it to USB Stick by using the dd utility on MacOS and also tried Fedora Writer on Windows 10. 

The boot process is starting until the screen "ERROR 36: REBUILD USB DRIVE" appears. It happens on both my Windows 10 machine and my MacBook Pro with Catalina. 

I tried different USB-Stick, always the same result.

For tests, i also used the rhrexboot-2020-08.iso Image, which i found as reference in an redhat Issue description, this one is working for me (have not been through the full process yet)

I plan the exam on Friday - shall I proceed and use the image 2020-08 or will that not work for the exam. Please advise as otherwise I need to re-schedule the exam to find someone from RedHat that can support me and fix this.




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Mission Specialist

@BZSG wrote:

How was your final take? @Mattias1 @AndyMcIntosh 


I'm also struggling with both my MacBook Pro and MacBook Air:


- For MBA: ERROR 36: REBUILD USE DRIVE -- but rebuild didn't help at all.


I ended up using the 2020-08 ISO as directed by support. Allegedly the Error 36 is a known issue but the fix is months out.

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Mission Specialist

Same here. This doesn't work: - seems to require a password to unlock the encryption, which isn't obvious how that's meant to arrive...(certainly nothing in the instructions even hinting at that)

This works:

...and can be mounted/booted without issue...or requiring being employed at Red Hat in order to actually use.

Red Hat: please package/distribute this .iso in a way that can actually be utilized by paying customers. 

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Trying to use rhrexboot 2022 but still not works

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