Cannot boot from USB for RHCSA remote exam


I am trying to burn RHEL exam image in order to test it prior my exam this Friday, however, I am unable to boot up from the USB drive. I am very familiar with changing boot order from BIOS etc.. But I guess the image itself isn't bootable, here are different steps I tried:

  • Burn image using Fedora Image Writed => Failed, image is burned but not bootable (tried 2 USBs and 1 external HDD)
  • Burn image using dd on RHEL machine => Failed, image is burned but not bootable
  • Burn image using Rufus on RHEL machine => Failed, image is burned but not bootalbe
  • Creating a VM and use the downloaded ISO image to boot => Failed, unable to boot

I have re-downloaded the image once again in case the first one was damaged somehow, but still no success, if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.

I am using this link to download the ISO:

EDIT: SecureBoot was enabled, after disabling it, it worked just fine

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Hello everyone, i did my Redhat exam today and my node2 gave me tough time for me to get to the grub page because the screen takes time to pop up and by the time it did, it would gone past the grub page. i wasted close to 30mins if not more to get through. Has anyone every experience this please??? 

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