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Mission Specialist

Cannot boot from a MacOS Pro

I have no way to boot from my Mac Pro.

I already tried to do a few things describing in some threads, like change policy, but the option to enable booting from external devices is not there.

Any clue, or confirmation that it does not work?

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi Tess,

I attempted this on a 2017 model, as well as a 2020 model (Quad-Core Intel Core i5 with T2 Security Chip - as stated, T2 security features disabled for boot media).

I'm not seeing that explicitly stated anywhere in the manual you linked to, page 37 or otherwise. Here's what I'm seeing on page 37 related to Mac systems:


Are there known issues with Mac systems?

Our tests passed a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air belonging to the 2016 and 2017 series. 2018 and later series of Mac systems have been found to have compatibility issues with several Linux distributions. These issues impact the remote exam LiveUSB image as well. The issues include:

  1. T2 security system prevents booting from an external device by default.
  2. 2019 MacBook Pro keyboard and touchpad doesn’t work when booted from external media.
  3. Other internal components, such as webcam, microphone, and wifi adapters are not detected by many Linux distributions.
  4. Latest Mac systems with M1 chipsets do not work with the remote exam LiveUSB


None of that suggests my attempts should have failed on either machine, particularly the 2017 model.

One thing I will call out is that both machines are running Ventura 13.4, which is not an OS referenced in the doc.

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

> "None of that suggests my attempts should have failed on either machine,
> particularly the 2017 model."

Fair points, thank you for correcting me.

Like you, I would expect the 2017 model to work with less hassle than the 2020 model. Mind you, I also never succeeded in making my 2017 Macbook Air (exactly the model they tested!) boot the RedHat exam ISO. It has never worked for me. Ever.

As I mentioned in another thread about this topic: when they first came out with the Kiosk exams, I was very happy with the innovation. But since then, I feel that Red Hat have become lackadaisical in their improvements to the Kiosk exams and their test-at-home strategy has never been great. Other vendors, like Linux Foundation and PearsonVue, have surpassed them easily.

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