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I have a passion for Linux! and recently got my RHCSA. (Willing to get a RHCE as well)

I'll be doing my last semester next month and will be looking for a new grad position.

At this point, I would like to start my career with Linux. Therefore, I will apply for Linux admin/ Linux engineer positions, but other than that I don't know what exact positions require Linux skills. 

I'm currently doing my internship as an IT client service (Tier 2). The job is deploying devices, troubleshooting computer peripherals and re-imaging, and network issues (mostly fluke and escalating tickets to the Networking team which is Tier 3). 

I think this position is not too bad as an entry position, but I really want to get a full-time position that requires Linux skills as my first job.

Please! Tell me some positions that might suit me. I would like to become a Linux specialist!!!

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@spurs All the very best, please refer the link and apply based on your interest and skills.

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@spurs All the very best, please refer the link and apply based on your interest and skills.

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Hello @spurs !

So good to hear about your passion for Linux ! 

With your RHCSA certification and your experience in IT client service, you are well-positioned to find a full-time position that requires Linux skills. I recommend that you start networking with people in the IT industry and look for the open roles that requires linux skills. You can also search for Linux jobs online and apply for positions that interest you.

Possible roles that include Linux must skills are :

  • Linux System Administrator / System admin
  • Linux Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Linux Analyst / Analyst
  • Administrator/ Linux Admin

Do note that you might need to know other skills as well like atleast a basic bash/ Python scripting or cloud fundamentals or basic programming skills, monitoring tools experience like Nagios etc - in order to get an interview all and clear it - since now a days there are hardly any "Linux only roles".

All the best !

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