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Computer always reboot when im told to remove the Exam USB

Hello all,

unfortunately im not able to show up for my exam due to problems when using the new ISO image (previous exams were all OK using the old ISO), which I had to use, because the old ISO is not valid anymore and would not allow me to pass the compatibility checks.

After burning the ISO using FedoraMediaWriter I booted from USB and after the environment was 100% loaded into memory, a popup window showed up telling me to remove the USB. This is the part where im stuck and can't continue, because no matter what I do, my PC always shutdown at this step (if I wait a couple seconds, if I remove the USB drive). My exam instructor, who tried to help me over the phone told this could be due to my PC specs (specially the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super). Other forum topics pointed to alternative USB slots, but this did not help also.

Any ideas? I really need to get this up and working so I can try to reschedule the exam.


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when did you download the ISO? It has just been updated. I think on Friday. If you still have the older one, you can try it.. Another tip is changing the video card, if you have the option and skill and if you are allowed to do it. If you have a laptop, it can be done in BIOS sometimes

Petr Cihlar
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thanks for the answer. I downloaded the ISO today, since I tried to use the USB stick I have used for my previous exam (I think it was march 2023), but it failed in the compatibility check, telling me it was too old. Unfortunately im not able to change the video card and via UEFI I can't change anything either.

Any other idea? Is there a way to debug it further in order to see if it NVIDIA is really causing this issue?

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Please try rebuilding the live USB by downloading the ISO from the link, burn it on to USB and try booting from it and check to isolate if it is an issue with the ISO or not. It seems to be working now.

I believe if it is sometihng to do with the NVIDIA, it will get stuck at 100% screen and won't go anywhere further or goes blank after loading from 0% to 100%

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