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I am doing my first assignement Configuring the Classroom environment in D0180 Course. After I started the lab, I tried to copy the use id/password from this window and try to paste in the terminal window.

Any idea how can i resolve this issue



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Mission Specialist

I studied do180 about a year ago. Hopefully, the process does not change much. There is a text input button ('T') at the top right corner of the virtual console. It allows you to copy&paste text from your local desktop. My subscription has ended, so I cannot confirm the exact words.

Additionally, you may use firefox within the virtual console to access the lab environment info because sometimes the text input button may add extra characters (depending on your network conditions). (Use <ctrl>+c in firefox to copy and <ctrl>+<shift>+v to paste in terminal window.

Hope this helps.


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Mission Specialist



I'm in the middle of a training class all this week. 

In one browser tab, I have the classroom feed, and in a second tab, I have the lab terminal console. In the third tab, I have the student eBook open.

I cannot paste anything from the eBook into the lab terminal session.

I can paste anything from the eBook to my local text editor ok.

I have the 'disable host paste'  box unchecked for my lab terminal.

What else need I check ?


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Say, for example, you wanted to copy the start command for one of the labs and paste it into the terminal window of the workstation VM or paste in a large block of text. Try this:

Click the 'Enable Host Paste' button before beginning exercises (furthest left of the 7 buttons in the uppermost right corner of the console). Once that's enabled, you can use Ctrl-c in the eBook to copy text, and Ctrl-v to paste in the console itself. I found that right clicking inside the console to paste doesn't work, because the text isn't taken from the clipboard of the console's host. It just accepts input from the 'external' clipboard.

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