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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Difference between RAM vs virtual memory vs swap vs heap memory in Linux OS

Hello All,


I have one doubt regarding memories in Linux OS.
Could you please check and provide information in detail:


1. RAM vs SWAP vs Virtual memory vs JVM heap memory.

2. Linux OS memory vs JVM memory 

3. JVM high cpu utilization then application slowness .

4. application is slow but there is out of memory errors in JVM or application logs.

5. Not sure what is the exact cause regarding application slowness.

6 . How know application getting load where need to identify the logs .

7. How to check Netwotk traffic.

8. finally above all  mentioned parameters are interrelated.




how to calculate memories for OS in Linux (RAM, SWAP, Virtual memory, JVM heap memory and high CPU utilization ) . What's is the relationship between these memories and how to manage normal condition for work applications .




above situation in Linux RHEL 5.11 -64 bit OS + JVM product version also 64 bit.




while load testing on On application then JVM running is up and running then gets slowness issue while access application then observe in RAM physical memory reached 100% and never use swap memory in one of the box .


how to avoid application slowness issue then how much JVM minimum and maximum for heap memory. Currently my application running box JVM minimum and max (JVM's heap memory is 1024 min and max 4096 so can increase how much min and max for JVM heap memory.  


i faced above situation earlier but currently I don't have that mentioned setup and logs but I need to know troubleshoot that type issue with your help  . 

I hope , I clearly explained problem.
finally thank you all . 

could you please provide doc recommendations, 

i am waiting for your valuable reply.




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