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Does Redhat Offer a light weight distribution of openshift that can run of edge?

I am currrently experimenting  with  linux foundation Edge computing  Solution Edgex Foundry and want to deploy it using kubenetes.I have done it using k3s and other light weight kubernetes distributions.I  wonder whether I can intergrate it with openshift at the edge.Does Redhat offer any guide or strip down version of  openshift that can run on edge devices? 

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It is on the roadmap of OpenShift having the ability to deploy lightier singe-node clusters for edge servers. It is already supported since 4.6 the ability to deploy a remote compute node. But nothing "stripped down" such as k3s AFAIK. That is not real Kubernetes. It doesn't use etcd, for example. It does not behave like a real Kubernetes cluster in many subtle and also significant ways.

As an alternative to really small edge servers, Red Hat is adding capabilities to RHEL8 as a container host such as ease of update, over the air, immutable OS images, based on technology from Atomic and CoreOS.

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