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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Exam booking in Iceland


I'm wondering about something.
I was trying to book the RHCSA exam online and I couldn't, so I talked to the Red Hat Training Team and this was their reply.

"Due to the business rules in place in a few countries as Iceland, it is not possible at the moment to purchase an exam or training directly on our website."

There is only one facility in Iceland that you can book courses/exams through. That company does not hold Red Hat courses anymore since their qualified instructor doesn't work there anymore.

I can understand and respect business rules but I just wanted to start a discussion about this and see what people think. In your country, do you have to use one company? Does that company hold Red Hat courses or just sell exams? Most likely only applies to European countries.


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Good evening Armann,

I'm in the U.S.  I would have to travel a few hours to a testing site in order to "physically" take the exam.  I opted for remote and did not have any errors with attempting to take the exam. 

I have always assumed that the only vendor for the RHCSA was RedHat themselves, so I do not entirely know why you cannot at least take the exam remotely.  All of this information probably doesn't help your situation much, but maybe it gives some insight.



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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Thanks for the reply, appreciated.

I'm glad to hear that you took it remotely and didn't have any issues. I have read about people having issues on this forum.

I just heard from the only reseller in Iceland that I can take it remotely.


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