Failed RHCSA twice: it seems configuration not saved

I have been practicing redhat Linux in my virtual machine quite a lot and I am quite confident.

I felt really really bad to fail the exam twice.

It seems my node2 work was never saved in the previous exam and in this exam. 
Actually I have booted the node 2 twice and I definitely saw the storage related configuration was there. But I lost all the scores for this area. Last time, I got the reply that " one of your system did not reboot to a usable state and could not be graded"

I do not know what happened. It must be a very small, but extremely critical point I have missed. This never happen in my local virtual machine environment.

Can anybody help and give your hint?

Many thanks!

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I completely sympathize. I wouldn't think a student would be expected (or allowed) to authenticate to external repos. Neither would I expect an exam taker to be given a login to an external registry, or allowed to use a RHN or other account to do it. I can say for certain that if repos are housed inside the exam environment, the method I outlined above should do it with 'yum repolist all.' Ricardo says in the RH124 v8 course to make sure the file extension is .repo. I've made the same error during exercises occasionally, forgetting the .repo extension altogether. Though that is quickly remedied.

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Hi, if this concerns a client/server issue , check out the _netdev option in fstab.
Hope you can use this tip.
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