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Highlighting Red Hat Security Course (RH415)

Highlighting Red Hat Security Course (RH415) for Forum:

Concerned about Linux system security across diverse environments? Look no further! Introducing the "Red Hat Security: Linux in Physical, Virtual, and Cloud (RH415)" course.

Comprehensive Focus: Learn to secure Linux systems on physical, virtual, and cloud platforms.

Advanced Protection: Explore best security practices to safeguard data and systems on each platform.

Practical Know-How: Acquire skills in user management, monitoring suspicious activities, and configuring firewalls.

Boost Your Career: Strengthen IT infrastructure security and confidently mitigate risks.

Don't miss the chance to enhance your Linux security skills. Enroll in RH415 and take charge of system protection across any environment


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

"Red Hat Security: Linux en Físico, Virtual y en la Nube (RH415)" es un curso que se enfoca en la seguridad en sistemas Linux en diferentes entornos, incluyendo sistemas físicos, virtuales y en la nube. En este curso, los participantes aprenden sobre las mejores prácticas de seguridad para proteger los sistemas y datos en estas plataformas. Se abordan temas como la gestión de usuarios y permisos, el monitoreo de actividades sospechosas, la configuración de cortafuegos y otros aspectos clave de la seguridad en sistemas Linux. El curso está diseñado para ayudar a los profesionales a fortalecer la seguridad en sus infraestructuras de TI y a mitigar riesgos potenciales.

Jonathan Fletcher Castro

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

The RH415 course is still based on RHEL 7.4

Is there a plan to update it to RHEL8 or RHEL9?

I also see that it's still counts towards RHCA. Does it matter that this course has not been updated? Will the content be very different if updated?

Is it worth taking it now or should I wait for an update?


Hello @SubuRama !

Yes , RH415 is going to be updated very soon. EX415 v7 counts for RHCA and the exam will be available for sometime in the future ( even after update to RHEL 9 ). 

About the possible content in the updated RH415 course - we can only tell once it is released.

I will suggest to wait for the updated version but should you need to take it - go ahead. 

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