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I'm unable to purchase EX200 Remotely

Hi, Im trying to purchase/schedule my first RHEL certification EX200, i want to take the exam remotely (im from Costa Rica), the thing is i have 2 different redhat accounts, the first one its the company account which i used to take the following courses on the redhat partner training portal:
1- Red Hat System Administration 1 (RH124) v9
2- Red Hat System Administration 2 (RH134) v9
3- Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294)
4- Red Hat Ansible Tower Support Essentials


but now im unable to purchase the exam, i already tried with both accounts (personal & company) and i having the same result, my cart goes empty when the location is detected in as "Other LatAm Countries - Tier1 (NOLA)"

to be honest i dont know how can i purchase the exam - page doesn't allow

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Hello @Cristhia_Ruiz !

Thanks for reaching out!

Please raise a support case from your ROL portal or write to for assistance.

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