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Introducing or take over of new software by red hat in its software portfolio

Hello everyone.

I have written one parser generator which is different than what design that continued for 20 to 30 years with lex and yacc. I am looking for an option if red hat has contact or forum through which I can introduce that software to red hat team and they can consider it for their  software portfolio. I reached out to sales and some marketing contact though no luck based on fact that there might be different internal team that handles new software introduction in software portfolio. Please guide for how it is handled in red hat and who or which forum or email handles this which I can talk to or contact.

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Starfighter Starfighter

Not speaking in the name of Red Hat, but first I would ask myself a few questions:

- Is the software used by a large community of users? Is there a healthy community of developers?
- Who is using the software? Is it accepted by any upstream communities or distributions? (Eg, Fedora, or any other distrubition).
- Is there a customer interest of having a supported (tested, upgradable, documented) version of the software worth paying somebody for it?


Only if the answer is yes to all questions, there might be an interest of a software vendor (either the original programmer, Red Hat or any other) to pursupe creating a product out of an Open Source project.


Hope this helps!



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That is correct that the software is widely used with acceptance by some upstream distributions can be factors to get it ready for software product. In those cases, typically red hat may take their own decision to include it in its portfolio. My software does not meet those criteria though it has might be some exceptional features that may help me to make a case  that it can be a viable candidate. That is the reason I am asking if red hat has any such forum or contacts to reach out.

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