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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Multiple Monitors with Laptop instead of Tower Workstation

Hey there everyone,

Trying to to see if anyone has had any real succes with using Linux Laptops, with Multi-monitor configs as a full desktop replacement. Ideally I would like to use a docking station for ease of use, purchasing a spare power supply so that I can take the device with me without a lot of disconnecting, unhooking, etc, and upon return easily switch back.

When watching the training videos they used to show a quick segment video that shows a similar setup to what I'd like to do, but it looks like the Laptop itself is in more of a suspended holder that allows for you to kind of do a similar thing, but would seem to be a bit more involved when wanting to disconnect and take the laptop on the go.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have.The laptop will be an X1 Carbon Gen 10 With Fedora pre-installed from Lenovo, in case any of you already have a similar set up and can hopefully share any sucesses or things to watch out for.

Thanks gain,

- Chris


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Hi Chris
Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 10
"Supports up to 4 independent displays (native display and 3 external monitors via ThunderboltTM and HDMI®)"
I do not think there will be any issue with Fedora. You just need to use the HDMI port and get a USB-C (thunderbolt) to HDMI or DP adapter.
Using multiple monitors is a good way of increasing your productivity.

Petr Cihlar
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Hi Chris,

I use a Lenovo X1 Carbon G9 with a Universal TB 4 dock to do all my work stuff. I run Fedora 37. Although I experienced some weirdness with the dock at first that I wanted to investigate, it seems to be fixed and work fine now. The dock can supply power, as well, so all I have to unplug/plug is the dock's thunderbolt cable when I take my X1C on the go, or when I come back to my desk. All seems to be fine. I have two monitors and a USB hub connected to the dock, all of which and an AC adapter had to be plugged and unplugged individually with my previous setup (T490s without a dock).

Hope this helps,


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