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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

My EX294 remote exam experience

Hi there,

So on 11/04/2022 I attempted my RHCE exam, after the proctor checked my desk and verified my identity he/she gave me access to exam Lab, Unfortunately I couldn't even move the mouse. the lab screen was clear however any motion would cause the lab streaming to hang even though my environment passed all network tests.

After 10 mins of this continued hangs I explained the proctor this issue and told him/her that I have to cancel this exam and reschedule it later, the proctor confirmed with support team that they are not experiencing any known network issues and the problem is indeed with my connection so I insisted on cancelling the exam but again the proctor asked me to check/reboot switch/router connection, etc... . But unfortunately everything I did couldn't improve the experience of the Exam, then I asked the proctor if I can change my room to another location as I was suspecting some problem with this room switch the proctor agreed but told me he would need to do another room scan, 40 mins passed after second room re-location/re-scan, started the exam again and BOOM same issue.

At this point I was very desperate that I'm stuck in this situation, and in that very moment I asked myself why I was able to do RHCSA smoothly in same room, same switch but not this time, I remembered that I did my RHCSA exam in my business Thinkpad which had 1366x768 resolution and my current Asus ROG laptop runs on 1920x1080 resolution so I told the proctor that I will reboot PC so I can change resolution of PC to lower settings and he/she didn't mind that.

Once I started the exam with 1366x768 resolution everything was working smoothly and as expected, however I've lost 56 mins with this issue so I asked the proctor if he could compensate me those mins as I was left with 3 hours to complete a 4 hours exam. and after support permissions I was compensated with those lost mins even though the problem was never from RedHat side, so my Kudos to the proctor (whoever you are), the support team and everyone at Red Hat who made the remote exam possible.

Before I forget I passed the exam.

TLDR; My RHCE exam was ruined due to high resolution and high latency/low speed connection, but thanks to the proctor and support team who saved the day.

Best regards
Mohammed H

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Thanks for sharing your experience, resolution will keep in mind !

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