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My Experience being the Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador

Hello Everyone!!!

This is Vedant from Aurangabad , Maharashtra , India. I'm the Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador of MIT , Aurangabad.  I'm working as the Student Brand Ambassador since last 4 months , and it has been a great experience till now. I regularly organize various kind of activities such as Workshops, Webinars , Seminars and Events to promote Red Hat and Open Source!!!  Many students from my college have started taking up different Red Hat Courses and I'm happy to say Open Source Awareness is rising rapidly here!! 

Recently , I found out about RHLC. It looks like a fun place to Communicate, Collaborate and Learn. I really feel people need to be made aware of RHLC . Being a part of Communities like these is really important as it helps us to Collaborate with each other and Learn together. Also ,we get to meet and communicate with people all around the world.  I'm soon going to conduct an activity to get as many as possible people,students and faculties to get registered in this Community. Growing RHLC is an important task! More people should know about this cool place!!

It feels great to be a part of this and be here!

Best Regards, 

Vedant Karmalkar

Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador

Maharashtra Institute of Technology , Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

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This is awesome to hear! As someone involved with RHA from within Red Hat, it's always a treat to hear how students can benefit from learning about Red Hat technologies and evangalizing within their community! Keep up the great work Vedant!

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Thanks a lot!

Do you know how much it will cost approx to join the redhat academy

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